Delta Chocolate was founded in 2016, but our Head Chocolatier had been working with chocolate since 2008 as a hobby before branching out to share his experience and love of chocolate with more people.

Initially we started as a "make and sell" operation making a variety of bonbons, truffles, bars and lollies to be sold to customers. We developed this aspect of the business and launched our Build-A-Box selection, allowing customers to pick and choose exactly what chocolates they wanted in their boxes. Alongside this we continued to supply our standard boxes and launch two distinct collections every year (Spring & Christmas).

In 2017 we introduced chocolate parties for children and chocolate workshops for adults; each follows approximately the same content but with more focus on skil-sharing for the adult groups.

We continue to build on the services and products available and are now moving into the corporate and management training sector, schools and weddings. 


About us



We're often asked why we're called Delta Chocolate; the answer lies in the Greek alphabet and the world of science. Delta is the fourth character in the alphabet; it is represented by a triangle, pointing upwards (hence 4 triangles in our logo). It is also used by scientists to indicate the difference or change between 2 things. We like to think we're always looking upwards, that we're different and always willing to change.


The colours of our logo also have their own meaning;

Gold: a mark of the highest standards and what we aspire to put into every one of our products; we use only top quality ingredients, seasonally where possible and never substitute for low quality ingredients or use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Purple: the colour of royalty and an indication of how we treat our customers, suppliers and partners; we will act reliably, honestly and with credibility.

Sky Blue: we're always open to change and new challenges, we'll work with you to create bespoke fillings and are always looking for innovative new flavours and designs.

Brown: represents chocolate which is at the heart of everything we do.

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With over 12 years experience of working with chocolate you'd expect us to know what we're talking about; but we don't stop there, ongoing training and development is built into our desire to be the best we can.


Our Head Chocolatier trained at the Callebaut UK Chocolate Acadamy, completing 2 extensive training courses.


We have also undertaken the "Chocolate Business in a Box" training to ensure we set the business side of Delta Chocolate up correctly.


All of our staff hold Food Hygiene qualifications and we have been awarded a 5-star Food Hygiene Rating by our local authority following an inspection of our premises.

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You can buy direct from us; we'll make your chocolates to order so you know you're getting the freshest, best tasting chocolates. We don't currently have online ordering but email us with your requirements.


We attend a number of makers markets and craft/gift fairs throughout the year, especially in the run up to Christmas; check our website for details of where we will be.


You can also buy a selection of our products from Jess & The Beanstalk at 19 Manor  Green Road, Epsom. KT19 8RA. They are a fantastic, welcoming community coffee shop and they stock a changing variety of our products throughout the year.


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